Underground Wall

Underground wall

The barriers are the obstacles that stop the seven strangers from leaving The Town.

So far, the barriers are as follows:

  1. An implant in the leg of each stranger that releases a knockout drug into the bloodstream. These implants are removed by Moira Doherty in the beginning of "The Edge".
  1. The second barrier, first seen in The Edge, is an ADS or Active Denial System, which uses microwaves to burn skin. Janet runs full-speed into this barrier, and suffers mildly painful burns on her face. Later, McNair determines that they surround the entire town.
  2. The third barrier is a mysterious bright light that manages to turn the van (Stolen from the Asian cooks) around, or teleport it back to the edge of the town. (The Edge)
  3. A fourth barrier is a steel wall, underground, that blocks the stranger's escape tunnel. By hammering on the barrier, a vent opened up as an alarm sounded and released a white gas, which incapacitated Janet Cooper.