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Sergeant Graham McNair
The Soldier
The Soldier
Portrayed By Chadwick Boseman
Gender Male
Also known as Graham McNair
Last Location unknown
Current Location The Town
Occupation Marine Sergeant
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Shadows in the Cave
Status alive

Sergeant Graham McNair is one of the seven abductees.


When McNair came out of his hotel room, he immediately grabbed Joe by the neck. He asked whether they were hostages as well. It is unknown where McNair was before he ended up in the hotel room.

Most of his past is still a mystery, but we do know he served in the Iraq War. He uses his experiences and background as a solider to help the abductees in their attempts to escape and acts almost as a security guard and peacemaker when conflicts between the abductees arise. He has taken an interest in the health and safety of Moira Doherty. When confronted about what is written about him in his file he confirms that, after the traumatic experience of having several of his friends die in his arms at the hand of the same bomb maker, he was duped into killing an accountant for $100,000 believing that he was the bomb maker who killed his friends. In Episode 13, McNair keeps his head looking at the ground, seemingly showing guilt (perhaps for outing the Level 1 plan or where everyone went to after the crash).

In "Saved", Graham reveals he has feelings for Moira.

In "Seven Sacrifices is is revealed that the relationship with Moira is physical, as they kiss.

Graham's Fortune[]

He says it is in Chinese.

Graham's Gift[]

Leather Belt which was used to discipline him as a child.