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Samuel Edick
The Outside Man
The Outside Man
Portrayed By Michael Harney
Gender Male
Also known as Sam Edick
Last Location San Francisco, California
Current Location
Occupation Private Investigator
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Samuel Edick is a private investigator in San Fransisco, CA. Janet Cooper hired him to find her husband, but has been unsuccessful. He has had a few run-ins with Mark Renbe over the story he is writing about Janet's kidnapping.



Here is a complete list of e-mails from Samuel Edick's computer in the folder marked "JANET," seen in episode 3 "The Way Through". Two of the three emails which Mark opened from Janet Cooper (28:53) and (29:13) are addressed to "" which isn't a valid email address only the one from Eleanor Sullivan is properly addressed to (28:58).

From Subject Payment Deposit >> $10,000.00 US to 305607455 Cayman Trust (866) 555-7870
Newsletter Workflow
S.F. Register No subject
Cosmos Haund what's new
S.F. Register No subject
Publicity Check what's new
Bank Account number
Mail error Fw: presentation
Information Rw: reservations
Sales Web browser
Eleanor Sullivan Cooper Update >> Mr. Edick: It has been five weeks since I hired you. You must have some leads by now?
Mail error Pass request
World web No subject
Shopping online Confirmation
Diego Sandoval Fw: Hello
Bank Update database
Charles Urgent list
Cosmos Haund Check mail
Janet Cooper Find Cooper >> Where's my husband?

In "Seven Sacrifices he comes to the aid of Kat Damatto to inform her she is in trouble.

In "Shadows in the Cave" it is seen that Samuel is working for Eleanor Sullivan.