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Neil X
Neil X
Neil X
Portrayed By Andy Greenfield
Gender male
Also known as The Night Manager
Last Location The Town
Current Location Almas Perdidas
Occupation hotelier
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Shadows in the Cave
Status alive

Neil (or Neal) was the The Night Manager in The Town before getting promoted to lead Level 2 on the ship Almas Perdidas.


He is an unintimidating individual whom the abductees.

Attempting to find answers, they threaten the manager with a shotgun. Upon beating him up to try to get answers, he manages to escape and run out of town without being affected by the microwave barrier. A couple of the abductees run after him, but are immediately stopped by The Barriers that apparently was non-existent when the manager ran out or the Night Manager was impervious to it.

The next day, the Night Manager returns to the town. All his wounds on his face are healed and he looks like new. The abductees do not ask where he has been and he does not give any answers.

In "Static" he confesses to The Director he is the lead agent in charge on site in The Town, because they others are dead. The Director, and Liam Ulrich inform him there is a replacement coming.

After being beaten by Joe Tucker in "Identity", the Night Manager is replaced by Liam Ulrich.

In "Seven Sacrifices" the "night manager" now reports to The Director, and is ordered to "flush" Town 27.

In "Shadows in the Cave" he is on the ship Almas Perdidas with 7 of the Abductees