Mark Renbe
The Reporter
Portrayed By Gerald Kyd
Gender Male
Also known as Mark Cooper
Last Location San Francisco, California
Current Location The Town
Occupation Reporter
Family Ex-wife: Janet Cooper
Daughter: Megan Cooper
First Appearance
Last Appearance Shadows in the Cave
Status alive

Mark Renbe (Real name: Mark Cooper) is a seasoned journalist in San Francisco who's always on the lookout for scandal. He investigates the bizarre disappearance of Janet Cooper, despite the fact his boss believes there is no story there.


In "Exit One", Renbe admits to Kat Damatto that Janet Cooper is his ex-wife and Megan Cooper is his biological daughter.

In "Seven Sacrifices" he is arrested by Detective Gomez for the disappearance of Janet Cooper.

In "Shadows in the Cave" it is revealed that Mark rejected Janet's announcement of her pregnancy.